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ACU Trial GB Championships - ACU Trial 125 Class - Tynemouth Report.

ACU Trial 125 Class - Tynemouth Report.

With his opening laps each day much better than his opposition, Ben Dignan (Gas Gas) extended his lead in the ACU Trial 125 Class with wins on both days at the Reed Bowl Trial, which formed rounds three and four of the series over the weekend.
The Scottish rider was kept on his toes on Saturday when Brett Harbud (pictured) made a late challenge and recorded the lowest scores on the second and third laps, but the damage was already done.
On Saturday, it was the steep wooded hillside at sections eight and nine which caused most problems with many failures, but Harbud scored a moral boosting clean on a straight up climb at number eight on his second lap, whilst third placed Adam Harris (Gas Gas) was the only non failure on lap three with a superb clean.
After some easier opening sections on Sunday, some new sections on the ridge remained uncleaned by all three riders. Sections seven and eight consisting of awkwardly placed rocks on a hillside were the hardest with single dabs, twice by the winner and once by Harbud being the best.
Harbud made a last gasp push for victory with fourteen on his final tour to close to within four marks of Dignan, but the earlier damage was already done. Harris slipped off the pace a little on day two with too many failures keeping him to the lower step on the podium.
The next round takes place on Sunday 16th June, near Newton Abbot in Devon.
A full report on the ACU Trial Expert Class will be published here tomorrow.