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ACU Trial GB Championships - Gas Gas take Manufacturers Championship lead.

Gas Gas take Manufacturers Championship lead.

It could not be tighter at the top of the newly introduced Manufacturers Championship after the St David's Trial with Gas Gas and TRRS taking over the lead from Beta by a single point! Both Gas Gas and TRRS have scored ninety seven points, with the Italian brand just one point adrift with ninety six.
Of course, Jack Price scored maximum in the ACU Trial GB Class for Gas Gas, but double wins for TRRS with Ross Danby (ACU Trial 2) and Lloyd Price (ACU Trial Expert) backed up by a returning to form fourth for Iwan Roberts in the Trial GB class has put them right into contention.
It is only the top point scorer from each brand in the ACU Trial GB, Trial 2 and Trial Expert classes who score points, but it does mean that there are one hundred and twenty points up for grabs at Tynemouth in one weeks time.
Sherco, Montesa and Scorpa all have riders in the series and with so many points still up for grabs, no outcome is predictable.