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ACU Trial GB Championships - Assistants allowed in main ACU Trial GB Class

Assistants allowed in main ACU Trial GB Class

Following approval from the ACU Trials and Enduro Committee at their meeting on Wednesday it has been confirmed that for the ACU Trial GB class ONLY, Assistants (Minders) will be allowed for 2019. The Committee gave this serious consideration as it was felt that to introduce Minders can cause difficult situations, but with many of the main group of riders in the nine round British series also taking part in the FIM World Championship this year and following the discussions at the recent Organisers Meeting, it would help those riders get competition experience with their minders to help their world round aspirations.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, “Strict control will be the key to this and I will work with Clubs to ensure the rules are adhered to. Many times in 2018 I witnessed Assistants being in the sections to help, sometimes key officials, so in my opinion it is best to legalise it from the start, but only in the main ACU Trial GB class”.