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ACU Trial GB Championships - Final layout at the St Davids

Final layout at the St Davids

In glorious sunshine, the team at Neath were busy at the weekend doing the final marking and preparation for the second round of the series which takes place on Sunday.
It has been confirmed that six of the twelve ACU Trial GB sections on each of the three laps will be ridden by the ACU Trial 2 class.
Our picture shows from left to right, Martin Naughton, Micky Root, Marcus Tyzack, Rob Berry in the middle, George Lynch, and Stuart Lynch. Missing from the image is James Lamin who was behind the camera on this occasion.
However, the team is much bigger than this and apart from the above there are behind the scenes guys including Mark Tyzack, Iain Boyd, Anthony Macklen, Grant Shaw, Matthew Lupton and Glyn Moses. Our apologies if anyone has been omitted.
We will give a preview on sections and riders in more detail later in the week.