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ACU Trial GB Championships - Rider Profile - Tom McCabe

Rider Profile - Tom McCabe

Sometimes it is quite refreshing to hear that a rider enjoys his work life just as much as his Trials riding and that is exactly what Farnham Expert, Tom McCabe does. A Bricklayer, Groundworker and Digger Driver by trade, Tom freely admits to loving his work and although he works hard at his Trial expertise, a good result is an added bonus!
At just twenty years old, Tom scored the final point on offer at his local Hookwood round in the ACU Trial Expert Class and his aim is to break into the top ten during the season.
Tom has won numerous local Centre events on his Paul Nash sponsored TRRS 300RR and not surprisingly coming from the South East, names hills, mud and rocky gullies as his favourite type of section.
Adam Raga seems to be winning our unofficial pole of favourite World riders and he gets Tom's vote, whilst James Dabill is his British number one.
We look forward to watching Tom at the St David's Trial in eleven days time.