ACU Trial GB Championships

Event News!



Once again, taking the little 125 Beta to the top of the category, George Hemingway extended his lead in the Trial 2 class at round five on the Western fringes of Dartmoor on Sunday. Finishing second in the event and extending his second in the series after five rounds, James Fry (Sherco) edged out Oliver Smith (TRRS) who nearly missed out at the podium presentation after failing to get his lap three score recorded until very late at the end of the event. Initially, a surprised Jamie Galloway (TRRS) was credited with third, but was demoted to fourth when the error was recognised.
In an event of two parts, the Trial 2 class suffered the most when a short sharp shower midway through their second lap made the final five sections on the boulders at the "tor" like glass. The winners laps of 13-23-6 shows this which was also reflected by the top finishers in the class.
Acknowledged by the winner in the podium interviews, Hugo Jervis (Beta) was outstanding on the first two laps of twelve sections, sharing the lead with Hemingway with 13 and 23 marks lost. However, as his main rivals upped their game on the final tour in drier conditions, Jervis suffered two maximums which dropped him down to fifth which was still good enough to put him into the seeded riders for the next round at Brimham Rocks.
Too many maximums put Sam Connor (Beta) down in an unusual sixth place, three marks ahead of Duncan MacColl whose consistency paid dividends. After missing the first three rounds, Sam Yeomans (Vertigo) continued to score good points in eighth after Chris Stay (TRRS) lost five marks on time at the end of lap one which dropped him one place.
Young Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) was unable to repeat his recent run of good form in the Trial GP series and had to settle for tenth, losing out to Stay on another tie break.
Our thanks to Trial Media for the picture of Hemingway on the final section of the day.