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ACU Trial GB Championships - Todays Profile - Ben Dignan.

Todays Profile - Ben Dignan.

Today we move to the ACU Trial 125 class and take a look at Scottish star, Ben Dignan from Roy Bridge, which is just a few miles north of Fort William. At the tender age of sixteen, Ben has attracted a portfolio of sponsors including Gas Gas UK, Highland Leisure Sport, Digna n Technical services, Inverness Taxis, Hydromax, Shoreline, AN Fraser Joinery, MacPhee & Partners, Glenspean Estate, Gavin Cairns Roughcasting, All Round Signs, Butterbay and King and Moffatt.
However, coming from a Trials family background, with brother Jack having picked up the best Scottish Newcomer Award and winning the Scottish Youth Championship, it is the support which Ben receives from his Parents, David and Ann, together with Grand Parents, plus input from his Uncle, which has put Ben on the road to success.
"On the road to success" are valid words as Ben has just retuned from a foray into the European Trials Championships and will also contest the FIM trial 125 series, in addition to trying to list the ACU Trial 125 crown.
Having a liking for "big and grippy" sections is sure to help Ben in his quests for European honours and the commitment is evident as he practices virtually every day of the week at the Mound in Kinlochleven. He lists his Trainer, Jack Price as his favourite World Star. whilst Michael Brown, who also adopts the role of Assistant & Trainer in European events, tops his list of British Stars.
Ben put in a superb final lap at round one to snatch second place on the podium in the ACU Trial 125 class and firmly has his sights set on the top step of the podium during the year.