ACU Trial GB Championships

Event News!



The organisers of round five, which will be held at Petertavy in Devon on Sunday week have released details of the course and assured us that they have taken on board the recent directions issued by the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee.
Reverting back to the traditional way round the Brousentor venue, Clerk of the Course John Luckett has planned four sections in the bottom wood, two in the middle stream before a single section in the wooded area behind the old school. From here after a short ride across the moorland area, there are five sections on the normal Tor.
With ten days to go before the event, the venue is currently very dry which has allowed for many options, which in itself will make some of the sections easier than normal.
After a relatively easy opener, the second is a twisting climb in the wooded hillside which is laced with rocks and tree roots.
Now number three, the big step in the stream (for the Trial GB Class) is approached from the opposite direction to normal with a new technical ending, whilst the other two routes (Trial 2 and Trial Expert) have a more traditional path through the slippery stream. The steep banks at number four is much straighter and less technical with a new end piece, before the stream sections at five and six are straighter and slightly longer than usual.
The lone section seven is a jumble of awkward placed rocks which always take marks.
On arrival at the Tor, section eight is a new zone at the bottom offering a straight forward ride for all classes with the following four being much varied options of previously used sections, two of which are likely to be the hardest on the Expert /125 routes.
A new final sections (situated where number was last year) rounds off the course which has to be covered three times during the race.
The event will be signposted from the A386, one mile North of Tavistock with a start time of 9.30am. Spectators are welcome with an admission charge of just £5.