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ACU Trial GB Championships - Another look at Rounds three and four

Another look at Rounds three and four

Whilst we must remember that the second round of the series is yet to take place on the 19th May, being the St David's Trial at Neath, Clerk of the Course Paul Battensby has sent us more pictures from Shaftoe Crags near Morpeth, where the double header takes place as rounds three and four on the 1st and 2nd of June.
Travelling in an anti clockwise direction from the large start field and about half way round the lap riders will arrive at the "real" Shaftoe Crag. This group of sections, either two or three, is at the most westerly point on the lap and there will be zones here on both days. A brisk ten minute walk for spectators, this group will be well worth a visit on one of the three laps before riders turn south to a different feature in the area, a steep wooded hillside, which we will show images of later in the week.
Entries for both of these rounds are open on the Ride ACU Website.