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ACU Trial GB Championships - Rider Profile - Charlie Smith

Rider Profile - Charlie Smith

Britain has a lot of young talent emerging and seventeen year old Charlie Smith from Bradford is certainly one to look out for. Finishing a superb fifth in the ACU Trial Expert class at the opening round, Charlie put his full fourteen years Trials experience to good use, cleaning twenty six of the thirty six sections at Hookwood.
A Bricklaying Apprentice, Charlie is currently sponsored by Inch Perfect Trials on a 250 Beta and having been Yorkshire Centre Youth Champion, he has clear aims to stay in the top five of ACU Trial GB Experts throughout the year. His first "big time" outing was in the British round of Trial GP in 2017 at his favourite practise venue, Tong, which was followed by a season in the European Youth Championship in 2018, where he finished eighth.
Recalling his "first memorable Trials moment", Charlie remembers falling off and putting his teeth through his bottom lip and to being a slow learner as he has done it more than once!
Living in god's own Trials County it is no surprise that Charlie prefers big, grippy rocks so with Tynemouth and the Anthony Rew Trial following the St David's, Charlie should be in him element.
He list Jaime Busto as his favourite World rider, whilst Jack Price heads his UK list.