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ACU Trial GB Championships - Rider Profile - Steve Harris.

Rider Profile - Steve Harris.

Steve Harris, at the age of thirty two, is one of the more senior riders in the ACU Trial Expert Class. Living in Redditch, more or less in the centre of the country, Steve didn't start riding Trials until his thirteenth birthday, but he also had five years out concentrating on his own metal finishing business which he still owns today.
Just outside of the points, but with very respectable laps of 21, 23 and 18 on his Montesa 300RR at the first round this year, Steve's aim is to continue enjoying his Trials riding and progress into the points as the season progresses. Running his own business, finding time to practise is always difficult but he has the use of his local club's ground for occasional outings and a couple of trips up to the famous "Hawks Nest" a couple of times a year for some rock practise also fits in.
Steve has been Midland Centre Champion on three occasions and admits to liking the no stop "flowing sections" most of all. That reminded him of his first memorable experience when he looped a friend's 315cc machine the very first time he released the clutch on his first venture on a Trials Bike.
Steve rates his Trials riding friend Ben Sprigg as his favourite British rider, whilst Takahisa Fujinami is at the top of his World List.