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ACU Trial GB Championships - Beta take early lead in Manufacturers Championship

Beta take early lead in Manufacturers Championship

With outright wins in both the ACU Trial GB and ACU Trial 2 classes, Beta were virtually assured of taking the lead in the new Manufacturers Championship after the opening round at the end of March.
James Dabill and Sam Connor doubled up for twenty points each and with backing from Chris Smith's fifth place in the Trial Expert class the Italian brand scored 51 points. Whilst Beta have edged out an early lead it is only by six points with both Gas Gas and TRRS right on their heels with 45 and 44 points respectively.
Three third places - Jack Price ACU Trial GB - Sam Haslam ACU Trial 2 - Dan Thorpe ACU Trial Expert - for Gas Gas means that consistency counts over a long nine round series and TRRS took advantage of the win from Chris Stay in the Trial Expert class to score a maximum twenty points which was backed up by a strong second for Ross Danby in ACU Trial 2 and an important seven points from Hugo Jervis in the ACU Trial GB class.
Montesa, Sherco and Scorpa all feature in the points tally as we head into the second round, the St David's Trial on Sunday May 19th.