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ACU Trial GB Championships - Still tight in Manufacturers title chase

Still tight in Manufacturers title chase

Although Scorpa have edged a slightly bigger lead in the Manufacturers title chase, with a second and two third place finishes at round six on Sunday, Sherco and TRRS are still very much in the title hunt.
As the series takes the summer break, Scorpa are now seven points in front at the head of the table, whilst Sherco hold second place, twenty five points in front of TRRS, who are benefited from an eight points haul from Sam Beecroft Penny in the Expert class to keep them in contention.
TRRS scored strongly, with a win from Toby Martyn (Trial GB) and a fourth from Ross Danby the Trial 2 class, whilst Sherco benefited with a win from Emma Bristow in the Trial Expert category and Jack Peace second in Trial GB.
However, Andy Chilton's Trial 2 class win, backed up by Billy Green's third in Trial GB and an equally important nine points from Joel Edwards in the Expert class meant they scored one more point with three rounds remaining.
The other four manufacturers are missing a Trial GB class rider, but Beta hold a relatively comfortable fourth from GasGas in fifth and Vertigo in sixth. Honda benefited from a strong third place finish from Sam Haslam in Trial 2, but again lack of point scoring riders in the two other classes currently leave them at the bottom of the table.
The next round takes place on Saturday 25th September at Llanbedr in North Wales.