ACU Trial GB Championships

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ACU Trial GB Championships - Martyn, Chilton, Hemingway and Bristow on top.

Martyn, Chilton, Hemingway and Bristow on top.

With a dazzling display, Toby Martyn (TRRS) scored a huge confidence boosting win and took the magnificent MacKenzie Trophy in the process at round six held near Harrogate today. Martyn's loss of twenty seven over the three lap course was less than half the score of his arch rival, Jack Peace (Sherco) who finished second, but now trails the Cornishman by twenty points in the championship chase. Billy Green (Scorpa) rounded off the podium in third.
Equally impressive was Andy Chilton (Scorpa) in the ACU Trial 2 class who scored a convincing and important win from Jack Dance (GasGas) and Sam Haslam (Montesa Honda) who was pleased to make another visit to the podium.
Harry Hemingway's (Beta)first lap for a single mark loss dazzled the opposition, which set him up for a win from Harry Turner (Scorpa) in the Trial 125 class , with young brother George (Beta) once again slotting into third. A lapse (by his standards) on the second lap of the race with eight marks gave Hemingway's opposition hope until he returned a third lap of just two.
A lapse on the second tour was not enough to demote our Ladies World Champion, Emma Bristow (Sherco) from taking her second win in the season in the Expert class. The popular winner edged Brad Bullock (Beta) into second with Danny Gamble (Beta) losing out on a tie break for third.
There will be more in depth reports on all four individual classes starting on Monday.
The series now takes its summer break and resumes in North Wales at the end of September.