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ACU Trial GB Championships - Martyn, Danby, Turner and Affleck take honours

Martyn, Danby, Turner and Affleck take honours

In extremely dry conditions Toby Martyn (TRRS) scored his fourth win out of five in the Trial GB class at Scarborough earlier today. Pushed all the way on the opening lap after incurring a five mark timed out penalty on section eleven, the confident Cornishman then took charge and returned two laps of three and one to take victory. Returning from a short spell recovering from injury, Dan Peace (Sherco) took the second spot on the rostrum with Billy Green (Scorpa) making a podium visit for the first time this season.
Ross Danby pictured (TRRS) pulled three marks back on local hero Andy Chilton (Scorpa) in the Trial 2 category with Jack Dance (Gas Gas) taking third just three marks adrift. Danby and Chilton are now locked in combat with equal championship points awaiting the best lap bonus point to be awarded.
Harry Turner (Scorpa) took his maiden Trial 125 class win after a sizzling first lap in the hot conditions and withstood the pressure to maintain his lead for the rest of the day. Being beaten for the first time in the series this season, Harry Hemingway (Beta) had to settle for second after suffering illness during the week, but was the first to congratulate Turner at the presentations. George Hemingway (Beta) kept in touch for his customary third place.
In the closest of finishes after tying on eight marks, Championship leader Tom Affleck (Sherco) took the Expert class win from George Gosden (Beta) with round one winner Chris Alford (Scorpa) finishing third.
We will give full class details over the next four days.