ACU Trial GB Championships

Event News!



Post event Friday is the day we examine the Manufacturers Championship and with three good scoring rides by Billy Green, Andy Chilton and a class win by Chris Alford, Scorpa take a nine point advantage into the second round in one months time. TRRS and Sherco are currently level on points in second, despite Toby Martyn's Trial GB win for TRRS. Ross Danby scored well in Trial 2 for the TRRS team, but surprisingly Iwan Jones sixteenth place as their best rider and therefore just out of the points meant a zero on the scorecard.
Sherco packed in two second places, Jack Peace in Trial GB and Tom Affleck in the Expert category, whilst James Fry's three point haul in Trial 2 (pictured) could be crucial at the end of the season.
Unfortunately, the other marques do not have any riders in the Trial GB class which is going to make it difficult to catch up the points deficit in the remaining scheduled eight rounds. Vertigo currently sit in fourth thanks to Alexz Wigg's maximum points haul in Trial 2 which was backed up by Tyler Rendall in the Trial Expert Class.
Beta are only a further two points adrift with Sam Connor bagging fifteen points in Trial 2 and Joe Collins fourth place in Trial Experts giving the team a massive boost.
Gas Gas are currently in sixth place with Montesa / Honda in seventh.
There will be a large haul of points available at the Devon double header in four weeks time and we will post an update on positions on the Friday following the event.