ACU Trial GB Championships

Event News!



After a break of five years from major events, Alexz Wigg (Vertigo) surprised many, including himself, when he won arguably the most competitive class in this year's championship. Now thirty one years old, avoiding maximums was the key to his success, recording just four throughout the three lap, twelve section course. With just seven cleans swiped onto his wristband during the five and a half hour event at Hookwood, his thirteen single dabs gave him the advantage at the end of the day.
Current Champion, Ross Danby (TRRS) came strong on his third tour to record the best lap of the day with fourteen marks lost, which included a maximum on the slippery rocks and banks of the first section, which he had previously cleaned twice. Local hero and 2020 winner, Sam Connor (Beta) finished third after losing the most cleans tie break, in a high scoring event as the sections became slippery with mid race rain falling.
Another pre event favourite, Andy Chilton (Scorpa) was the best of the rest, seven further marks adrift. just ahead of Sam Haslam (Honda) who got the better of Dec Bullock (Beta) in another tie break situation. Moving straight into the class from winning the Trial 125 class last year, seven time penalties dropped Jack Dance (GasGas) from fourth to seventh on his birthday weekend.
By his high standards, on form Richard Sadler (Vertigo) had a bad day finishing eighth and would have been disappointed travelling back up the M1 motorway with his eight championship points. An impressive ride from Oliver Smith (TRRS) put him in ninth as the last rider in the class to remain under the ton, with Chris Stay (TRRS) in his second year in the class, rounding out the top ten.
As in the other classes, it was section two, Sand Mountain and the adjacent slippery rocks of zones eight, nine and ten which took most marks, with just ten zeros being recorded in total throughout the day. It was the sting in the tail at the Mountain which caused most problems, with the slippery log step proving difficult as the riders one minute allowance was coming to an end.
Our Richard Thomas image shows Wigg at the start of the event who will head off to Devon at the end of June where he will proudly run in round two with the leaders red plate.