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ACU Trial GB Championships - Staying positive for 2021.

Staying positive for 2021.

Whilst the safety of all will always be the top priority, plans are still going ahead for a full season in 2021. It is accepted that the season start may have to be delayed from the planned 27th March date, but a decision will not be made until Mid February. The Hookwood Club have already confirmed that they will be prepared to run later in the year if circumstances dictate this.
A full list of the planned dates can be found on the Calendar page of this website.
The ACU Trials & Enduro Committee have announced that there will be no dramatic changes to the format for this season. A new electronic scoring system will be rolled out with the marking and section times remaining the same as 2020.
Riders who competed in 2020 will shortly be e-mailed an information sheet and they can the apply for a full set of Championship Regulations if they wish.
One notable point for riders contemplating which class to enter is that if a Trial 2 or Trial Expert riders feels he is capable of moving up a class, following a submission to the T & E Committee for approval, he will be able to move back down to the original class AHEAD OF ROUND THREE and still score points in the lower class for the remainder of the season. Obviously, this needs careful consideration before applying as the points from the first two rounds would not be carried forward.
Please keep an eye on this website for future updates.