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ACU Trial GB Championships - Provisional 2021 dates

Provisional 2021 dates

With the FIM and FIME having released a provisional calendar for 2021, the ACU were ready with a list of provisional dates for the ACU Trial GB series in 2021.
There are currently nine dates allocated, but this does not necessarily mean that there will be nine rounds in the year as there are many factors to be taken into consideration.
The list of provisional dates are-
Saturday March 27th or Sunday 28th March
Sunday April 11th
Sunday May 23rd
Saturday 26th June
Sunday 27th June
Sunday 25th July
Sunday 15th August
Saturday 25th September
Sunday 26th September
Potential Organisers are currently being contacted to confirm venues, which it is hoped will be announced, again provisionally, within the next two weeks.
Series Manager Brian Higgins, “We are in such uncertain times at the moment with riders, officials and spectator safety of prime importance. It is likely that we will have to work alongside the virus, certainly in the early part of the year, so there is a lot of work to be done in order to get consistency into the championship. We ran a simplified three final rounds this year, but improvements will need to be made to that concept before I am confident we can release the full series details.