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ACU Trial GB Championships - Section Map and details for Round 2

Section Map and details for Round 2

We are pleased to show details of the route and sections for round two of the series which will resume at Petertavy in Devon on Saturday October 3rd. In a course of approx. 3.5kms the twelve sections are spread over a moorland area and after the opening section on some dry rocks, quite close to the start area, section two is adjacent to the River Tavy. Rock outcrop with running water features here, before two climb sections over grip less peat, tree roots and rock slabs and then a section over boulders in a tributary to the main river.
From here it is a short ride to two hitherto unused (for Championship events) stream sections with the later have a difficult ending.
A single section over dry rocks at number eight will require concentration, before a loop around the moorland to the final four sections, known as the Tor. Big rocks are the feature here, but the problems will arise from the damp, wet grass and earth between the granite, which is very deceiving and likely to catch many out. The Time Control is here at the end of laps one and three.