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ACU Trial GB Championships - Championship update 10th August.

Championship update 10th August.

Following the cancellation of the Yeadon Guiseley round this coming weekend, we have scheduled three more rounds to take place, following the successful opening round at Hookwood, back in March. The Devon “double header” has been delayed for one week to the weekend of the 3rd & 4th October. The pro active Torridge Club have arranged twenty four different sections over the two days which will form rounds two and three. Round four is scheduled for Saturday 17th October in North Wales, with the venue still to be confirmed, awaiting Welsh restrictions to be relaxed.
It should be noted that entries for rounds two & three will open on the Ride ACU website on September 1st. Point scorers from round one will have the first seven days to ensure they gain a place.

The Trials & Enduro Committee have been very supportive to enable the series to reach a conclusion this year. We should stress that ALL FOUR rounds will count towards all classes, but it should be noted that providing three have taken place, champions will be crowned at the end of the year. This does NOT mean a round can be dropped, but providing a further two rounds are held, the Championship will be deemed to be complete.

At this point it is stressed that if a full National Spike of the virus occurs, no further options will be explored for 2020.

For riders who are competing in the World Championship Trial GP series, the following rule will apply following the UK Governments recent travel restrictions from Andorra and other countries, if they are not lifted prior to the next round.

Any rider who competes in an event in a “black listed country” according to the UK Government’s prevailing list at the time will automatically be placed on the ACU Stop list for FIFTEEN days from the date of the event. This procedure will be automatic.

Any Elite Athlete ( rider in ACU terms) who is competing in a World Championship Trial GP event which falls into the above category will have the option of taking a Covid 19 test, at his own expense, between four and seven days following his return from an event in a black listed country. If the written results of this test prove negative for the virus, he/she will be removed from the ACU Stop List and will then be allowed to compete without restriction. The ACU will require site of the original result to enable this action.

Any rider who is tested for Covid-19, for which the tests prove positive, MUST self isolate for 14days and cannot take part in any ACU T&E events during that period. If the virus necessitates medical intervention, then the rider must follow the advice of the medical team involved.
Any rider informed from the Governments “test & trace“ that they should self isolate must obtain a negative result in a Covid-19 test prior to being allowed to ride.
Any rider who is found to have ignored this requirement will be disqualified from any event and subject to further disciplinary action.