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ACU Trial GB Championships - Chilton decides to step down to Trial 2

Chilton decides to step down to Trial 2

Scorpa's top scorer in 2019 by finishing sixth in the main category, Whitby's Andy Chilton has announced that he will step down to the ACU Trial 2 Class for 2020.
Very consistent performances netted the twenty eight year old sixth position in 2019 which also boosted the Scorpa position in the Manufacturers Championship, but twenty eight year old "Chilli" has sighted not being a full time rider for his decision.
Often without a Minder in 2019, Chilton amassed eighty six championship points last season - missing out on fifth by a single point. Making the announcement to ACU Trial GB today after confirming his support from Nigel Birkett at Scorpa UK he added, "However, with commitments outside of Trials, been that I'm not a full time rider, I will be making the move down to Trial 2 for this year. I hope you can understand my decision as I feel it's the right one and look forward to what will be a strong and enjoyable class in 2020.
There is no doubt that Andy Chilton will have a big say on the outcome of the 2020 ACU Trial 2 Class at the end of the year.
Our picture shows Chilli in action at Brimham Rocks in August where he finished fifth.