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ACU Trial GB Championships - Point S support the Championship

Point S support the Championship

Whilst Keedwell Transport will retain the Title Sponsorship of the 2019 series, a major development has been the introduction of Point-S Tyre and Autocare Network as a Support Sponsor as the season approaches. Negotiations have been underway for several weeks but it is now confirmed that Series Manager, Brian Higgins has inked the final points of the arrangement with Point-S Network Development Manager, Wayne Daniel.
Delighted to welcome Point-S on board, Higgins commented, "Stuart Keedwell will continue to be the Title Sponsor, but we felt the time was right to inject new enthusiasm into the series and 2019 is the time to do it. The whole team at Point-S are right behind our aims and they intend to integrate some of their supplying dealers near to each round into the events. I am sure it will be a win, win situation for both companies. A representative from Point-S will be at each round to hand out the red plates at the end of the day."
Point S will have a major presence at all of the rounds with a route marking being supplied by the go ahead company together with the supply of the prestigious leaders red plates which have been introduced for 2019.
Mr Daniel added, " We will formally announce the link up at our annual Conference this weekend when the majority of our dealers are present, but I am sure they will welcome the opportunity to be involved in this form of British Motorcycle sport.