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ACU Trial GB Championships - Some important changes to 2020 Series.

Some important changes to 2020 Series.

Whilst the dates and venues are already published on this website, some important changes will feature for 2020 following a recent meeting with the Trials and Enduro Committee.
Obviously, the existing marking systems were considered but it was felt that for this series there was an opportunity for 12 months to try something completely new.
Several other options have been discussed, but the decision has been taken that a complete new package, solely for this series, will be introduced for 2020. This will include-
* New marking system named ACU Trial GB which will include a one minute time
allowance for each section to be traversed.
* Competitors may stop, go sideways or reverse without penalty. Going backwards
whilst footing will incur a five mark penalty.
* The ACU Trial 125 Class will be open to any rider over the age of 14, but riders
between the age of 14 to 16 will require permission from the ACU to compete.
*An additional one Championship Point will be awarded to the best performance on
observation on each lap of the Trial to all four classes.
* There will be the option for a third route for the ACU Trial 2 Class, with separate
coloured markers.
*Section layout protocol should be much the same as 2019, with emphasis that the Expert route cater for the majority of the entry.
Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, “My aim will be to continue with the work the whole team as we have this year. This will be to ensure the severity of the sections are fitting for each of the four classes. Although the marking system has changed, the section design should remain very similar to 2019 as the riders, especially in the top two tiers, have stretched the rules to way beyond the limit. We hope that the new system will provide a level playing field for all.