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ACU Trial GB Championships - Plans in place for 2020 series.

Plans in place for 2020 series.

Plans are well advanced for the series in 2020 with the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee discussing venues, classes and marking later this week.
The FIM held a meeting in Ibiza at the weekend where many Federations voiced their opinions on how the Trial GP series will be conducted in 2020 and first reports show "little change". However, it is generally thought that some small improvements were made to ACU Trial GB in 2019 and the Committee are keen to keep the momentum going. Submissions have been sent by Dave Willoughby and Brian Higgins which will be discussed on Thursday.
Once the FIM have announced their dates for the GP series it is hoped that the ACU will release dates and venues for the domestic series straight away.
Our image shows some of the ACU Trial GB class riders at section two at the final round where it appears they had too much time on their hands, This will also be discussed by the Committee.
Please watch this space!