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ACU Trial GB Championships - ACU Trial2 class getting bigger.

ACU Trial2 class getting bigger.

As expected, the ACU Trial2 class is already getting bigger for 2019 with some of the top Experts from 2018 moving up a gear. The latest to confirm his place is MRS Sherco stalwart James Fry (pictured - credit to Trial Mag).
Following a decision which included the ACU Trials and Enduro Committee, Importers and Organisers to dispense with the strict 50/50 split on sections between the main and secondary route for the class, each Clerk of the Course will now have more freedom to plot sections which may only be four or five of the ACU Trial GB hazards in the twelve section course. Several of the top Experts from 2018 are now contemplating moving up with the combined news that the ACU Trial Expert sections will become slightly easier to encourage more regional Experts to test their skills in a British Championship event.
Series Manager, Brian Higgins, "I will ensure that the ACU Trial2 class gains more publicity both on the website and in the dedicated Press this year as the class is likely to be so competitive. I understand that we are already on about ten riders who will do the whole series so we can expect the podium places to be shared. Make no mistake, I shall not accept complaints that the ACU Trial Expert sections are too easy as the top lads have been warned that ACU Trial2 is the place to be for them.