ACU Trial GB Championships

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ACU Trial GB Championships - Final update from Bob McGregor Academy.

Final update from Bob McGregor Academy.

The latest news from Totherick Quarry is that there are five new sections available for day two and the Clerk of the Course will make the decision as to whether to use them after Saturdays event.
With two of the four classes likely to go to the final lap on Sunday, C of C Sandy Mack is keeping his options open and will monitor the sections on Saturday's three lap encounter. There is one thing for sure, there are some spectacular sections in the ACU Trial GB Class and whilst ACU Trial 2 will only ride five of these sections on Saturday, they will be very testing.
However, one of the most competitive classes as far as the championship goes is the ACU Trial Expert class and this could be the biggest test of the year with many testing, lengthy, challenging, technical sections which will ensure there will not be any single figure scores at the end of the day - or will there?
The action gets underway at 9.30am on Saturday with a Podium Prize presentation at 3.45pm