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ACU Trial GB Championships - Rider Profile Chris Stay

Rider Profile Chris Stay

After a sixth place finish in 2018, he is currently heading the ACU Trial Expert Class with two rounds remaining, Chris Stay has been a major asset to the TRRS Team this year, scoring constant good points in the Manufacturers Championship as well as his own quest for a British Title. Having to make the often long and certainly difficult journey from the Isle of Wight for each round, the twenty four year old heads into the final double header in five weeks time holding a slender four point lead. Being the only rider to win more than one round in the Expert Class this season, Chris has recorded four wins out of the seven held.
He currently rides a TRRS 300RR and is sponsored by TRRS UK, BVM Moto, Herbalife and R2W Trials who must be pleased with the results this year, where the Colmore S3 round was also a National win. Chris first started riding when he was seven but took a sabbatical when he reached seventeen for four years. His first British Title came in 2006 with the C Class championship which was immediately followed up with seconds in the Youth B and Youth A groups in the following years. Chris has been Southern Centre Champion as well as blagging the Isle of Wight Two Day Trial no less than five times.
He has always been clear about his ambitions this year which is focused on winning the ACU Trial Expert Championship and a top three finish in the S3 series. He comes from a Trials family background with father competing in British and World rounds whilst his brother has also returned to the sport after a break.
Favourite Trial is the Scott as he loves the sections and arena type sections are also his forte, whilst Fugigas heads his favourite world class rider and Mark Coombes his local favourite.
Chris gets to practise around three times a week at various locations near his home but sometimes gets across to the mainland which offers more scope for practise.