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ACU Trial GB Championships - Championship Conditions released.

Championship Conditions released.

Today, 13th February, the riders who expressed an interest in taking part in the new look series have been sent a copy of the 2019 Championship Conditions in booklet form to read and understand the new format. The eight page edition is not heavy reading and it gives riders an insight on the new classes, timetables and events.
Entries for the opening round at Hookwood in Surrey will also be live on the ACU website (not ACU Trial GB) later this week.
A spokesman for the ACU stated " We wanted to get everything documented this year for clarity. The new classes are simple to understand as they follow closely to 2018 with the new names to fall in line with the world series. Furthermore, we believe that the ACU Trial2 class will be buzzing with riders this year which opens up the door for some new competitors to get on the podium in the easier, ACU Trial Expert class.
Any rider who is interested in riding the series or just individual rounds should contact the Series Manager at