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ACU Trial GB Championships - Dabill returns at round seven.

Dabill returns at round seven.

ACU Trial GB is delighted to welcome current Champion, James Dabill back into the series at round seven on August 4th. Having won the opening round back in March, the Team Beta rider has concentrated on the World series since, but now with a summer break in global duties, James has entered the MacKenzie Trial in his native Yorkshire and he will be there with just one thing in mind - a win!
Of course, cynics could say that he is there to assist his friend and team mate Toby Martyn claw back points on current ACU Trial GB class leader Jack Price (Gas Gas), but in the first instance Martyn would need to win the event and Price have a bad day. The official statement from ACU Trial GB HQ is that Dibs is there in his own right, he made a clear statement at the start of the year that he would ride some events and that is exactly what he is doing.
His young challengers have gone on record saying that the gap between him and them has closed in the past twelve months.
Series Manager Brian Higgins is delighted that Dabill is back, "There is no dispute that Dabill is a level higher at Trial GP events, but at home rounds, where their confidence is high, the young guns could give him a hard time".
The action takes place at Brimham Rocks near Harrogate on Sunday week, August 4th.