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ACU Trial GB Championships - A breakdown of the Expert sections at Round five

A breakdown of the Expert sections at Round five

Whilst many thought that some of the ACU Trial Expert sections were too hard at the recent fifth round in Devon two weeks ago, it is interesting to look at an analysis of all twelve sections.
We can see by the graph that every section was cleaned, but it was towards the end of the lap, that the sections in the class became increasingly difficult and zero marks were hard to come by. Of course, it has to be taken into account, especially on the first lap, that time could be a factor here as many riders just did not leave themselves enough time to inspect and cope with the long sections. Cleans are in yellow, going through to 5s in black.
It should be noted that Clerk of the Course, Anthony Rew and his team did ease and shorten some sections on this route when rain was forecast. The other side of the coin obviously recognises that Chris Stay completed the final lap for a single mark penalty, which means the organisers just about got it right.
There are justifiable arguments on both sides, but in hindsight it is recognised that a few of the easier sections could have been a little more straight forward. There is a system in place whereby organisers are asked to set out four hard, four medium and four easy sections on each route, but when combinations of accommodating the ACU Trial 2 Class is taken into account, each Clerk of the Course has a difficult task.
Lets end this story by adding that we believe that every single organiser has really put a lot of effort in this year and we appreciate the difficult task they have!